Reading Material

There are a number of books about the Sturge and related families that may be of use to those researching their family history. A number are listed below and information about other books would be welcomed.

  • "Reminiscences of My Life" (and Some Account of the Children of William and Charlotte Sturge and the Sturge Family of Bristol) by Elizabeth Sturge, 1928, Printed for Private Circulation.
  • "The Sturges and Early Quakerism" by Elizabeth Sturge, 1930, Printed for Private Circulation. (To be re-published on this web site during 2002.)
  • "Gaunts Earthcott to Frederick Road" (An account of the Sturges of Birmingham) by Sylvia Lloyd Lewin, 1980, Printed for Private Circulation.
  • "Re-cognitions" (Reminisences) Mary Sturge Gretton, 1951, (Hall The Printer Ltd., Oxford.)
  • "Shining Way" (Reminisences) by Rachel Graham Sturge, 1969. (privately printed)
  • "Some Little Quakers in their Nursery" by M. Carta Sturge, 1906 & 1929 (J. Baker and Son / Simpkin Marshall Ltd.)
  • "Five Daughters in Search of Learning" (The Sturge Family 1820 - 1944) by Margaret Goodbody, 1986. (privately printed)
  • "Lecture on the Life, Labours and Character of the Late Joseph Sturge" by Handel Cossham, 1860.
  • "Memoirs of Joseph Sturge" by Henry Richard, 1864 & 1865,
  • "Joseph Sturge" by Alexandrina Peckover, c1890, (The Aberdeen University Press.)
  • "Joseph Sturge" (his Life and Work) by Stephen Hobhouse, 1919, (J. M. Dent and Sons Ltd.)
  • "Joseph Sturge" (and the Moral Radical Party in Early Victorian Britain) by Alex Tyrrell, 1987, ISBN 0-74-703200-9
  • "Sophia Sturge" (A memoir) by William R. Hughes, 1940, (George Allen and Unwin Ltd.)
  • "Sleigh Ride to Russia" (an account of the Quaker Mission to St. Petersburg by Robert Charleton, Henry Pease and Joseph Sturge in 1854 to present an address to Czar Nicholas to try to avert the outbreak of the Crimean War.) by Griselda Fox Mason, 1985, ISBN 0 900657 99 5


  • "From the King's Marshall" (The Marshall Family.) by Morris Pritchard, 1983, ISBN 0 85864 070 8
  • "Trooper to Dean" (a biography of the Very Rev. H. W. Blackburne) by Haidee Blackburne, 1955 (J. Arrowsmith Ltd., Bristol.)
  • "Lasting Legacy" (a story of British Colonialism) by Sir Kenneth Blackburne, 1976, ISBN 0 85307 146 2
  • "Somerset Anthology" by Roger Clark, 1975, ISBN 0 900657 27 8
  • "Affectionate Cousins" (T. Sturge Moore and Marie Appia) by Sylvia Legge, 1980, ISBN 0-19-211761-0
  • "A Bristolian and the Third Reich" (memoirs 1933 - 1948) by Margaret Goodbody, 1991, Privately printed.
  • "Gloucester Docks" (an illustrated history.) by Hugh Conway-Jones, 1984 & 1988, ISBN 0-86299-085-8
  • "100 Years of Phosphorus Making" 1851 to 1951 (Company History of Albright and Wilson) by R. E. Threlfall, (Albright and Wilson, 1951.) "100 Years of Phosphorus Making" 1851 to 1951 (Company History of Albright and Wilson) by R. E. Threlfall, (Albright and Wilson, 1951.)