Feb 04

Mary (Sturge) Artiss and Tom, her husband, attended the family gathering in 1930. She wrote this recollection in December 1979, aged 80.

“I have been calling up memories of the 1930 trip. The invitations were sent out unstintingly to all who had a Sturge inheritance - plus wives and children to the third generation! I, for instance, counting on an invitation. Each Sturge with a car gave lifts to car-less Sturges. We met at Almondsbury Hotel for a cold lunch, fresh salmon and trifle, I seem to remember, and I suppose we each paid for this. Since my Uncle and Aunt, S. A. and A. M. Warner, took us in their car , they must have treated us to lunch, Tom and I paid nothing.

“After lunch the long trail began. Winchcombe and May Lansdowne headed the crocodile, having gone over the ground before. May put out her arm to point at every Sturge house as we passed it, but I can’t remember stopping at one. I think we must have been provided with a list of houses, so that we could tick each one off as we passed it. I forgot to mention Hazel Friends’ Burial Ground, where several Sturges are buried. We did visit that.

“We were welcomed as guests to Basil Harwood’s beautiful home at Woodhouse and given a marvellous tea, and photographed on the lawn. His son Antony had just become the father of the baby in the photograph, (whose mother was in bed upstairs.)

Now, I expect you already know all the above, and in any case my memory may be faulty. Winchcombe Lansdowne would be more accurate.”

On 19th July 1980, Mary Artiss and Winchombe Lansdowne, then aged 98, were amongst the nine pilgrims who had attended both Pilgrimages and who wore distinctive yellow badges.

Mary (Sturge) Artiss